Track By Track: Blood Red Shoes - Water

Blood Red Shoes give us a track by track rundown of their new EP, ‘Water’.

Blood Red Shoes are busy busy bees. It only seems like ten minutes since they released ‘Time To Voices’, and even with nigh on constant touring, somehow they’ve found time to record a new EP, ‘Water’.

‘We just did it over a couple of days gap that we had during our tour in the US in October,’ explains Steven, ‘It was all kinda done in a few days - it was all really fast - and when we did it, we thought, ‘Let’s just put it out! Let’s just do it.”

So ‘do it’ they did. And we decided that the best thing we could do, would be to find out all about it, directly from them. So we did that.

Red River

This is the most classic rock riff Laura’s probably ever come out with, we were fucking around in our studio jamming over summer in between festivals, and this just came out. The whole idea of the EP was not to fuck around with the songs too much and to try keeping as much of the spontaneity as possible, so we basically didn’t change this song much at all from the first jam; I think it just got faster every take we did. It reminds me hammering around California in our little SUV when we were on our last US tour.

Black Distractions

This is our favourite song on the EP, probably because of the broken sounding guitar solo in the middle. We both love the fact that there are literally zero women in rock music right now (that we know of) who play guitar like that. The lead chorus lyric is ‘When you close your eyes, I’ll be there to summon the devil inside of you’, which is a pretty good summary of the theme of the song… it’s also another track where we’re exploring our new found obsession with hip-hop grooves and tempos instead of always playing dead fast.

Idle Hands

A lot of our songs are about limitations and escape, about the idea that there’s something more to life, whether it’s the outside of your little town, or your experience of a routine daily life, or more than the boring songs you hear on the radio. Well this song is asking, what happens if you escape those things and there’s nothing any better? What happens if you steal and car and run away from home and find out there’s nothing any better outside your small town limits?

Listen to the EP below:

Blood Red Shoes’ new EP ‘Water’ will be released on 21st January via V2 COOP.