Track By Track: Veronica Falls - Waiting For Something To Happen

Veronica Falls run through their new record.

In the last issue of DIY, we caught up with Veronica Falls to find out recording their new record. And when we asked them about whether they were happy with it, they gave us the distinct impression of a band that were still too close to the record itself, with Roxanne admitting that; ‘it’s really hard to be objective at this point. It’s quite an ordeal, recording an album.’

Well, we’ve given them a couple more weeks to mull the record over, and to help them come to terms with it a bit more, we thought we’d ask James to let us know what he thought of each song. And so, here for your enjoyment; our Veronica Falls track by track guide to ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’.

Tell Me

Introduction to the record, a kraut-rock influenced track that has a Stereolab feel and a Television style guitar solo.


This song is influenced by the band Big Star and the lyrical subject matter they often explore (growing up, formative teenage years, sitting in the back of a car etc).

Broken Toy

One of the highlights of the record. You can hear the sound of classic Flying Nun groups and early REM.

Shooting Star

A break in the record’s pace. A calm moment with a Blur/Breeders like melody.

Waiting For Something to Happen

This was never originally the title track of the record, but its good fit and strength insured its place.

If You Still Want Me

More new wave in direction. A slight departure from previous material.

My Heart Beats

The opening track of side two (of the vinyl). Features dual guitar lines throughout and was released a single to bridge the gap between the first and the second LP.

Everybody’s Changing

A more introspective song.

Buried Alive

This track would (lyrically) have fitted well on the first record. One of the older tracks on the new LP. A live favourite.

Falling Out

More striped back, similar in feel to the track ‘Veronica Falls’ on the first record.

So Tired

Fans of Elastica may enjoy this. Short and to the point.


Our ‘Pale Blue Eyes’.

Last Conversation

We aimed for the classic ‘wall of sound’ on the closing track.

You can listen to the album below:

Veronica Falls’ new album ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’ is out now via Bella Union.