Trance World Premiere Report: Danny Boyle, James McAvoy & Rosario Dawson

Vincent Cassel also attends the London premiere of the thriller.

Following his triumphant turn directing the London Olympics opening ceremony, Danny Boyle is back in cinemas with this electrifying thriller.

Shot before his work on the Olympics last summer and edited afterwards, Trance is in cinemas 27th March. Written by Shallow Grave and Trainspotting scripter John Hodge (based on Joe Ahearne’s TV movie), it’s certainly a return to Boyle’s dark, dangerous and violent beginnings.

James McAvoy stars as the fine art auctioneer with a gambling problem who gets mixed up with Vincent Cassel’s gang of art thieves. When a heist goes wrong, he’s forced to visit Rosario Dawson’s hypnotherapist to unlock the location of the missing painting.

What follows is an elaborate mind-bending, twisting and shocking thriller full of surprises. At the world premiere in London’s Leicester Square last night, Boyle was joined by McAvoy, Dawson, Cassel and co-star Tuppence Middleton. Gallery above, and Filmbeat’s interviews from the night below.