Vampire Weekend New Album Details Spoofed

Claims the New Yorkers’ third record will be called ‘Lemon Sounds’ are revealed as a hoax.

Update: According to Pigeons And Planes, XL Recordings claim “It’s not true,” and points out that “it’s pretty easy to make a fake Vampire Weekend album cover.” Fair comment. It’s almost worrying how quickly these things can spread online. Rather than hide this and try to sweep it under the carpet, we’ll leave it here for the giggles. S’only fair.

Just yesterday, architectural-referencing grammar lovers Vampire Weekend announced to the world their third album was complete - and would be released in the first half of this year.

They told us the record would be released on 6th May (7th across the Atlantic) - but not much else besides. Now they’ve followed that with the record’s name, as well as the songs set to feature within (no they haven’t - Ed).

‘Lemon Sounds’ is its name (no it isn’t - Ed), and features a suitably-attired woman on the cover (no it doesn’t - Ed), standing in front of some citrus-patterned wallpaper, as you see below (this isn’t the artwork - Ed).

lemon sounds

The tracklisting is confirmed (no it isn’t - Ed) as:

1. Flutter
2. Obvious Bicycle
3. South First
4. Day In
5. Unbelievers
6. Diane Young
7. Wild Thyme
8. Coastal
9. Break of Day
10. Trotting

Vampire Weekend had been working on the album in Brooklyn alongside producer Ariel Rechtshaid, and premiered a brand new track called ‘Unbelievers’ on Jimmy Kimmel late last year.

Speaking to SPIN recently about their time recording in Martha’s Vineyard last April, frontman Ezra Koenig said: ‘It was off-season and an old friend from college was staying there. He was there by himself, doing his thing, working on his art, enjoying some solitude, and he had a guest house where we could set up and play. Neither of us had ever been there before so it was cool to drive to a new place and work continuously.

‘There wasn’t exactly that same time pressure [as there was with previous album ‘Contra’] or that urge to show people our ideas really quickly, so we could focus very purely on songwriting. And when you prioritize like that, you’re going to be in a situation where you write things that are good, but not good enough. That can be a weird feeling because it’s not always clear what you do in that moment. So we experimented.’

In the time since ‘Contra’ was released, the quartet have been active with various side-projects. Chris Baio has been performing DJ sets and releasing solo work under the mononym ‘Baio’, Ezra Koenig collaborating with Major Lazer, and Rostam Batmanglij having produced with the late Das Racist.