Victories At Sea

The Birmingham three-piece have a grand, ambitious debut EP in the making before the year comes to a close.

Name: Victories at Sea
Based: Birmingham
Similar to: An 80’s rave apolocalypse

It’s the mid-80s and you’ve just arrived at your first real rave. Congratulations! You’re officially a connoisseur of an alternative lifestyle. But wait a sec – who’s that you here blaring out of the stereo? Is it Birmingham three-piece Victories At Sea? Well, technically it can’t be, as they don’t actually come together for about 30 years yet, but it may as well be. You’ve got JP who “sings and plays guitar through Russian reverb”, Steve who you’ll find on bass, piano and synths, and who is also “partial to ebow baritone guitar”. Then there’s Rob, who not only plays real drums but also “triggers beats mid songs”.

They claim they’re based in a converted factory on the Grand Union canal, the very same place that rave you’re at is probably taking place – albeit 30 years later of course. Time has been kind to these guys – they make their blistering, synth-heavy moody-pop as euphoric and swayable as it would’ve been in the 80s, their track ‘Future Gold’ being the ultimate testament to that as it comes off as the OST for the school nerd’s wildest dreams of partying til the break of dawn with the cool kids.

Almost a year later there’s ‘Poles Apart’, a song that’s far more solemn and much more like the end of the night than the heart of the party. It skips along with the most scrumptious of riffs, bobbing up and down alongside JP’s excruciatingly handsome vocals. The whole track reeks of New Order and so it’s no surprise they cite ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ by the band as an influence. My Bloody Valentine, Boards Of Canada and Explosions In The Sky have all left their imprint on these guys too, and it shows.

Future Gold’ is a limited free download that you can grab from the band’s website and is the only track you’ll be able to grab for now, but hold tight and you’ll soon be blessed with an EP by the end of the year if all things go to plan.