A collective who call themselves Scientist and Natas: This is anything but ordinary.

Name: VWO
Based: Wellington, New Zealand
Listen: vwoofficial.bandcamp.com/
Similar to: Animal Collective

Forget any of the general rules and procedures that conventional new bands usually follow because VWO are an entirely different proposition. For a start they describe themselves as a collective rather than a band, secondly one of their eight members is nicknamed “Scientist” and finally their first two tracks are completely bonkers and, for that matter, incredibly intriguing.

The collective’s real attention grabber is ‘Spinne’, a track brimming with ideas that Animal Collective will surely wish they’d dreamed up. It’s a track that suddenly shoots into a whole new dimension when you least expect it. You can imagine this song ringing out in a colourful maze full of mad hatters and clowns from some kind of bizarre, nightmare-ish fairytale, which you’d quickly become enthralled in. Their other track ‘Les Girls’ may be a completely different being to ‘Spinne’ but demonstrates VWO’s ability to conjure up chaotic listens.

These two tracks are just the contributions of two members Scientist and Natas, so we eagerly await a debut mixtape featuring the whole collective due 30th January, which has been promised to be a “delicious new recipe”. VWO’s next move will be fascinating, but one thing’s for sure: everyone should be excited to taste their new recipe.