Walking Dead Episode Five Erasing Save Games

A recurring problem for some players of Telltale Games’ adventure series.

Telltale Games released the gripping season finalé of their emotive and powerful point ‘n’ click adventure series The Walking Dead yesterday with Episode 5: No Time Left being the final episode to grace our consoles and computers before the second series next year.

Unfortunately, once again, some gamers are having problems with the episode not recognizing past saves and, in many cases, when users are trying to play the latest episode, the game erases the past saves and starts from the beginning. Let’s get this straight, this is episode five, with each episode spanning around three-four hours of gameplay and each episode branching out several different storylines that see main or supporting characters killed or relationships differing depending on how you’ve played it. That’s, potentially, sixteen hours of choice-laden gameplay completely gone.

This happened for some users in previous episodes, with Telltale issuing an official statement that read:

Telltale’s support team is aware that a small number of users are affected by this issue, and is working rapidly with those affected to help identify a solution. If anyone is experiencing any issues, we recommend they reach out to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or visit http://www.telltalegames.com/support/ for solutions from our team as they become available.

Once again, affected players are understandably distraught that their decisions have all been erased, and are taking to official forums to complain. Solutions have included making copies of saves prior to loading the episode and playing the episode while not connected to an online service like Xbox LIVE. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help those who’ve already had their saves deleted. Including us!