Watch: Dan Deacon Unveils 22-Minute Video For ‘USA’

Dan Deacon’s ode to ‘America’ gains a very lengthy new video.

Ever the anti-minimalist, Dan Deacon has chosen the longest song from his ‘America’ record - out from 2012 on Domino - to receive the music video treatment.

‘USA’ is a bold slice of national pride, beloved to the landscapes that inspired the making of the excitable producer’s latest album. It shows vivid scenes - and some stags - painted in low-fidelity rainbow colours.

Dave Hughes of Adult Swim helps with providing the visuals, which span a whole 22 minutes. It visits space, mountainous regions and leaping wild animals.

If it’s this or a 20 minute documentary about ‘Broken Britain’, you know which one you should go for.

Watch Dan Deacon’s ‘USA’ below.