Watch: Flamingods Unveil Video For ‘Quesso’

The London via. Bahrain group have an album prepped on Art Is Hard Records.

Above exists further proof of Flamingods’ insanity. How a group residing around the streets of London can possess a sound so otherworldly, getting its kicks on tribal drums and spiritual guitar licks, is beyond us.

Said guitar licks come courtesy of Ponytail’s Dustin Wong on this track, which features on the group’s debut album on Art Is Hard Records, out 21st January 2013. ‘Sun”s limited edition of 300 also comes complete with its own collection of ‘Flamin’ goods’ (world class marketing, right there): Herby Tahini and Green Chilli sauces. Delicious.

Our guess is the band were a little dosed up on their own flamin’ goods when producing this video. They wear masks fresh from Poundland’s Halloween bargain bin, they batter down bongo drums into states of their former self, and embrace an inflatable alien. A life in the day of Flamingods.

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