Watch: Grizzly Bear Explore “Creative Energy” In Video For ‘Gun-Shy’

The video for latest single features the band undergoing various extractions

Remember earlier this month when we wrote about Grizzly Bear’s new Tumblr page that featured some GIFs from their upcoming video for ‘Gun-Shy’? Well, that video’s now surfaced on the internet.

Directed by Kris Moyes, who has previously been in charge of videos for Beck, Franz Ferdinand and Hercules And Love Affair, the video is ‘…an invitation for a very rare glimpse of what creative energy could look like on a molecular level’, according to a statement from the director on the band’s Tumblr, and captures the band undergoing various bodily extractions and experiments.

The video was actually filmed back in October - a week before the release of latest album ‘Shields’ - in some woods near Germantown, New York.

Check out the video for ‘Gun-Shy’ below.