Watch: Moby And Wayne Coyne Unveil ‘The Perfect Life’ Video

Gimps, bikers, choir members all appear in Moby’s ambitious new flick.

This time last month, Moby and Wayne Coyne put out a public advert, asking for a curious cast to join them in filming a video for ‘The Perfect Life’.

Those based out in LA were required to have the ability to be either ‘a drunk king’, ‘a S&M rhythmic gymnast’, or other similarly specific things, if they wanted to have any involvement.

The video’s since emerged. ‘12 goth choir members’, ‘obese bearded bikers in red speedos’ - they’re all there.

Meanwhile, vegetarian surpreme Moby and his dopey sidekick Wayne take to some Mexican guitars and snazzy black suits. It’s all completely meaningless / brilliant.