Watch: Savages Perform ‘Shut Up’ At Manchester’s Fuhrer Bunker

Rare footage emerges of the exciting group playing live.

Any signs of Savages’ impact are somewhat scarce if your only source is the internet, which is why DIY has had its options limited in terms of letting you know about this exciting new band.

But the group have been playing plenty of shows across the country, prior to the release of their debut mp3/7’/whatever they happen to eventually release.

Thanks to Now Wave and Lost Lost Lost footage has emerged from their show last night at Manchester’s Fuhrer Bunker, where they played alongside DIY favourites Pins.

This is the first we’ve really seen from the band aside from the buzz-making footage of the band playing at London's Shacklewell Arms.

‘Shut Up’ is a brand new song, seemingly making its first appearance at the show last night.