Watch: Swim Deep Unveil ‘Honey’ Video

B-town band’s new clip had a seemingly limitless fluorescent paint budget.

Birmingham’s Swim Deep have shared the video for their new ‘Honey’ single.

In the new clip, directed by Dan Brereton, Austin and co. get their vintage t-shirts completely spoiled, nigh on unusable for the foreseeable future. Understandably a major label budget might afford for these Nirvana tees to get replaced, but it’s like a hipster’s worst nightmare come to fruition. Meanwhile, a pretty girl walks into a kitchen and consumes some honey (observe the relevance to the song title, here) from a jar.

Stream Swim Deep’s ‘Honey’ video, below.

The ‘Honey’ single is out 5th November on Chess Club Records.

Swim Deep play their first official London headline shwo at Sebright Arms on 4th October.