Wiley To Release New Album ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’

An album out on a Thursday… Why?! Because it’s his birthday!

Wiley has announced details of his brand new album ‘Evolve or Be Extinct’.

His album will be released on Thursday (yep. a Thursday) 19th January, which also happens to be his birthday. It also happens to be just six months after his last album ‘100% Publishing’ hit shelves.

The tracklisting for ‘Evolve or be Extinct’ is as follows.

1. Welcome to Zion
2. Evolve or be Extinct
3. Link Up
4. Boom Blast
5. I’m Skanking
6. Weirdo
7. Scar
8. Can I have a taxi please?
9. Miss You
10. Money Man
11. Customs
12. Immigration
13. Only Human feat. Kashtastic
14. This is Just an Album

To pre-order the album, click here.

Wiley will also be visiting the following cities on his ‘Evolve or be Extinct’ tour.

20 Norwich Waterfront
21 Manchester HMV
22 Coventry Kasbah
23 Glasgow ABC2
25 Edinburgh HMV
26 Middlesboro Empire
27 Birmingham Institute
28 Liverpol Masque
30 Brighton Concorde
31 Swansea Sin City

01 London Scala