Marcel Everett is a 16-year-old minimal electronic specialist and he’s here to stay.

Name: Marcel Everett
Based: Orlando, Florida
Listen: xxyyxx.bandcamp.com
Similar to: SBTRKT or a quick browse of http://soundcloud.com/tags/chill

There are millions of producers out there, basing themselves in the not-so distant havens of the internet, sampling Aaliyah and associating their work with “slow jams” or 23/4 or whatever the hell that day was where if you were cool, you bought drugs and listened to “slow jams”. Few of these producers nail it to a T like xxyyxx does: Hell, he’s even got a fancy, HD video of topless girls smoking blunts with his ‘About You’ song in the background. The girls suddenly start wearing animal masks and we’re apparently supposed to be tripped out. I can see where the appeal stops dead here, where cynicism intervenes and we’re told not to be into this sort of thing. But look, it works, and by the guide of xxyyxx’s growing reputation, it’s appealing to a lot of people.

At the time of writing, over 50,000 people have watched the ‘About You’ video. For many producers who gauge their appeal by soundcloud comments and how many R&B samples they can pack into one song, that’s quite a feat. So how does xxyyxx manage to stand out from this thick and full cast of budding electronic geniuses? The rumours that he’s only 16 years old helps to add momentum to the cause, but the sheer fact that beyond his self-titled debut, there’s very little that transgresses soul, pop and minimal electronic dub with such brilliance - well yes, this also helps.

Plus, like every producer, XXYYXX is prolific. Check his soundcloud page out every five days or so and you’ll have something new waiting to send glitter into your eardrums (although that would be an intensely uncomfortable experience, let’s keep things proverbial and pretend it’d be fun). Collaborations with Steffaloo and Giffarage are barely days old and they sound completely fresh, ahead of contemporaries by a long stretch.