Want to join DIY?

For over a decade, DIY has been at the forefront of music discovery.

In the age of the curator, DIY breaks down the walls between traditional genres, covering a wide range of diverse and exciting alternative music.

A monthly, free magazine, DIY deals with everything exciting about music. Be it buzz bands in back rooms or stadium sized monsters, it delivers exclusive interviews, brilliant photography and essential reviews. It’s not just through print, either. With a free digital magazine DIY Weekly published every Monday, and the longstanding website bringing the latest news and amazing music to the world 24/7, DIY has everything covered.

What we’re looking for

DIY likes to do cool stuff. Though we have section editors, review writers and photographers, we’re far more interested in individuals and ideas than what tightly pre-defined role they can be forced into.

We’re always on the look out for people excited by music and with a flair for infecting others with their enthusiasm. We believe if you take talented, positive people and then find a way to put them together, they’ll do something amazing.

We’re never, ever looking for people who consider their music taste makes them better than the next person. Pop is not a dirty word, but pretentious is.

How do I get involved?

Talk to us.

Ideally you’ll have something you’re burning to do that we can help with. A big idea, an ambitious plan. You’ll have thought something up that would have our readers giddy with anticipation. It could involve text, photography, audio or video. It could be related to something we already do, or something we should be doing but don’t. We love people who we can work with to make amazing stuff happen - the best way to get your foot in the door is to get us excited about something.

Obviously we’re occasionally looking for new blood to interview, review or produce our news copy, so always feel free to get in contact about that too. 

Contact one of our editorial team to talk more.