Premiere Anna of the North unveils first single ‘Sway’

Anna of the North unveils debut single ‘Sway’

25-year old Norwegian brings out her debut on Honeymoon this June.

Norwegian newcomer Anna of the North keeps things simple on her affecting debut single ‘Sway’, a first work that’s coming out on new Brooklyn label Honeymoon on 24th June.

The 25-year-old artist arrives with zero background. In turn, ‘Sway’ doesn’t mess around with fancy curveballs - it gets by on the refrain “Just move with me, darling”, balancing smart synth pop with a sharp melodic touch.

Half of the song sounds like it could’ve been created on a musical toy, synth keys twinkling in the foreground. It’s playful, an invitation to get giddy in unison. And it’s a first work that’ll take some serious beating.

DIY’s got the first play of ‘Sway’ below. Pre-order the debut on Honeymoon here.

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