Listen: The Wytches unveil new track, ‘Burn Out The Bruise

Photo: Emma Swann

Hellish Brighton terrors have a debut album out this August.

The Wytches are a bunch digging their own grave, only to nestle up with the gravelly soil and wipe it all over their faces. This Brighton bunch are mucky, relentlessly so, and their debut album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ arrives as a raw, unforgiving collection.

New song ‘Burn Out The Bruise’ previews the LP, bringing harsh grunge into a melting pot that’s located right at the very depths of hell. Sound sinister? The Wytches are probably a bunch of adorable - slightly grubby-looking - sweethearts. Let this latest track slice through reality, though.

Listen to The Wytches’ new track below.

‘Annabel Dream Reader’ is out 25th August via Heavenly Recordings, available for pre-order here.

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3 back issues for £7

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