Listen: The Gaslight Anthem stream ‘Stay Vicious’ track from new album

New Jersy band’s ‘Get Hurt’ album is out this August.

The Gaslight Anthem are streaming a third, thundering track from their new album ‘Get Hurt’.

‘Stay Vicious’ is a gravel-voiced, slowly-paced road tripping ballad that previews the record, which comes out 15th August.

It links up with ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin’ and the record’s title track, and it’s available to stream below.

In a recent interview with DIY, frontman Brian Fallon promised a drastically “different” record to what came before.

“We wanted to try and find something that was different sonically, and with different feels and tempos, but also that maintained some of the character of the band. We didn’t wanna abandon who we were as a band. I think we wanted to have something different, but different enough to have people say, ‘Okay, this is clearly audibly different’ yet not provoke a reaction where we throw away everything that made us a band.”

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