Bubble trouble: Watch footage of Superfood’s foam-tastic DIY Presents show in London

The Old Blue Last played host to an insane soapy extravaganza last week - watch highlights now.

There’s a routine to this now: Superfood play free show, bedlam occurs, said gig gets captured on film and everyone reminisces fondly while gazing longingly at the bruises they picked up while moshing.

Except, last week’s DIY Presents get together at The Old Blue Last wasn’t just any old gig. Yes, it was crammed to the furtherest point. Yes, fans jumped and screamed and even got their very own limited ‘zine. But for crying out loud, this Birmingham bunch brought with them a foam machine. An actual bubble-projecting beast. Unlike those dodgy club nights freshers have to go on as a means of spreading their, err, germs, this was a much cleaner affair. Superfood have a song called ‘Bubbles’. They have licence to do this.

Watch footage from the gig below. The residency continues tomorrow night (6th August) with a DIY x New Shapes night at Notting Hill Arts Club, support coming from Ekkah.

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