Watch: Everything goes wrong for George Ezra in the ‘Blame It On Me’ video

Poor Geoff. Luck’s not on his side in a video that has a starring role for bird shit.

Spare a thought for George Ezra. Luck’s not on his side. Aside from the success of his debut album ‘Wanted on Voyage’, the Bristol musician’s recently run into a spot of bother in the ‘Blame It On Me’ video.

A series of unfortunate events strike the ‘Budapest’-bound twenty-something. First up, a formidable strain of bird shit. It strikes his otherwise pristine shirt right in the chest. There’s no escape, no hiding it.

There’s that. Then things get progressively more violent, resulting in George getting shunned by a speeding car. That’s not forgetting the absolute highlight of the video - the moment he gets charged by a school of rugby players. It’s not the incident that makes it - it’s the pained, panicked expression the poor sod gives just before he’s lifted up into the air.

Watch the ‘Blame It On Me’ video below. George Ezra plays V Festival this weekend, 16th-17th August.

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