Listen: Trust Fund share ‘Reading the Wrappers’ track from Joanna Gruesome split release

Trust Fund share 'Reading the Wrappers' track from Joanna Gruesome split release

Bristol act is teaming up with JoGro for a six-track split via Reeks of Effort.

This September sees two bright sparks from the UK combining for a special split release. As previously announced, Joanna Gruesome and Bristol act Trust Fund are joining forces for a split on Reeks Of Effort.

Last month Joanna Gruesome aired one of their three tracks, ‘Jerome (Liar)’, now Trust Fund’s shared a contribution: ‘Reading the Wrappers’ is initially a shy and retiring number that eventually brings the fuzz and the force of a ten-ton truck. Chugging along at its own breathless pace, it’s an impassioned addition to the split.

Pre-order Trust Fund and Joanna Gruesome’s split release here. Tracklist below:

1. Trust Fund - Reading the Wrappers

2. Trust Fund - Scared

3 Trust Fund - No Pressure

4. Joanna Gruesome - Jerome (liar)

5. Joanna Gruesome - Satan (Desire Edition)

6. Joanna Gruesome - Coffee Implosion

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