Jimmy Eat World hint at ‘Futures’ performance for Lock Up set

According to the band’s Rick Burch, “it might be a good time to do it.”

This year, Jimmy Eat World are taking on the coveted double-duty at Reading and Leeds: not only have the band already played on the Main Stage at Reading, they’ll be stepping out once again later this evening when they appear on the Lock Up stage.

That’s not all: if the band’s bassist Rick Burch is to be trusted, their evening slot could boast a full performance of their 2004 album ‘Futures’, to help celebrate its tenth anniversary on UK shores.

“It is a possibility!” he revealed to DIY earlier today, after admitting that the band had been giving the album a full airing in Europe recently. “Being that we’re closing down the tent stage, it might be a good time to do it.

“It is a lot of fun,” he adds, on how it’s been to delve into their back catalogue, “even just when thinking back to when we did our ‘Bleed American’ and ‘Clarity’ gigs. You get to go deep into that era of the band, while playing some of the newer tracks so you get a real good, broad example of Jimmy Eat World.”

The band are also rather big fans of the weekender in general; their second opportunity to play only helps to heighten that. “I think today will be awesome,” throws in drummer Zach Lind, “because we have the best of both worlds where we got to go on the big Main Stage, and then we have the smaller tent stage later on, which is a little bit more intimate. It’s hard to beat that.”

“One of my favourite things is the festival atmosphere, ” continues Burch. “There are so many bands and you’re in the same spot, so you’re performing for fans but you’re also performing for other bands. That’s one of my favourite things to do; go out and check other bands out and see other performances. reconnect with old friends from touring paths. It’s kinda like a family reunion party.”

Jimmy Eat World play their second set at Reading’s Lock Up stage at 7.30pm, before heading to Leeds tomorrow.


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