Listen: New version of Ariel Pink’s ‘Shower Me With Lipstick’ emerges

Ariel Pink’s new album - due out via 4AD - is finished, he’s confirmed.

Ariel Pink has finished recorded his new album, he’s just confirmed in an interview with Oyster Mag.

The follow-up to 2012’s ‘Mature Themes’ is due out in early 2015 via 4AD. Ahead of its release - and potentially in line with it - a new track’s emerged. This is a new Don Bolles-produced edit of Ariel’s ‘Shower Me With Lipstick’, which initially emerged back in 2011.

A few things have shifted: The production’s cleaner but woozier; it’s performed in a completely different key; it sounds like lift music for the space age. Gorilla vs Bear posted the song via its own Youtube channel, suggesting this hasn’t just emerged out of the blue. Take it as the first taste of Ariel Pink’s forthcoming record, in that case.

Listen to a new version of Ariel Pink’s ‘Shower Me With Lipstick’, produced by Don Bolles.


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