Jump on the BandWagon: Do you want to play the DIY Presents Tour 2014 in association with PledgeMusic?

Register your interest through our nifty BandWagon app if you’d like to play on the DIY Tour or at the all-dayer.

We’ve already got some of the UK’s hottest new bands performing as part of the DIY Presents Tour in association with PledgeMusic. Flyte, Shy Nature, Telegram, Menace Beach and Blessa are just some of the names already confirmed to appear as part of the free shows and London all-dayer this October and November.

DIY is always on the look out for new talent, though, so we’ve decided to throw the doors open to our readers too. If you’re in a band, and you think you’ve what it takes to join the DIY Presents Tour in association with PledgeMusic, you might be in luck.

This isn’t some X Factor style competition, or an attempt to get you to get fans to retweet a certain message. Just register you or your band’s interest via the BandWagon app, and DIY will give you a listen. If we like what we hear, you could find yourself booked to open the show and written about on these very digital pages. What more could you want? Get on with it.

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