Grimes puts together ‘Bedtime Mix’, featuring Portishead and Aphex Twin

Grimes puts together ‘Bedtime Mix’, featuring Portishead and Aphex Twin

There’s been another update on her new album: sessions were scrapped “months ago”.

Last week, reports emerged that Grimes had scrapped initial sessions for her fourth album, after getting a mixed response for her standalone ‘Go’ single.

Claire Boucher has since been working in a Los Angeles studio on the follow-up to ‘Visions’, but she’s also found time to put together a special ‘Bedroom Mix’ for those dazed in-between hours. Commissioned by Radio 1’s Annie Mac, the mix brings together Aphex Twin, Majical Cloudz and Portishead.

The mix is available to listen to here from 2 hours, 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, Grimes has provided an update on the scrapped sessions speculation. Despite a New York Times profile and subsequent reports claiming that she’d given up on initial batches of songs following a mixed reception to ‘Go’, Boucher went to Twitter to claim the album was scrapped “like 7 months ago lol.”

Catch up with the single in question below.

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