Listen: Deptford Goth shares ‘Two Hearts’ from new album

Deptford Goth shares ‘Two Hearts’ from new album

Daniel Woolhouse’s second LP ‘Songs’ is out this November.

This November, unlikely romantic Daniel Woolhouse releases his second Deptford Goth album ‘Songs’.

Already he’s previewed the lead track, ‘The Lovers’. Now he’s streaming ‘Two Hearts’, a bare bones love note that backs the sweet grace of his 2013 debut ‘Life After Defo’.

Running the repeated mantra “love is enough,” this is a song devoted to the simplicity of a relationship. And despite rarely breaking out of light, purred vocals, Woolhouse is impressive at summing up the ins and outs of intimacy.

‘Songs’ is due out 3rd November.

Deptford Goth plays London’s ICA Theatre on 19th November, with tickets on sale Friday 19th September.

Via Dazed, check out ‘Two Hearts’ below.

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