Sponsored: Teaser Trailer for Fabrizio Federico’s new film Pregnant released

Car crash cinema, follow the adventures of technology addicted kidults in the 21st century.

Pregnant is a spectral poetic horror show about modern technology addiction in the 21st Century. Directed by l’enfant terrible Fabrizio Federico, the film is a deliberate assault on the senses.

Federico ardently explains, ‘It was completely patched together to create something entirely new. Slash old ideas and start again, just bring in a new energy because otherwise there’s no future in cinema, it’s fucking dead in this country’.

His anti-establishment message is angry and confrontational (earlier in the year he called the BAFTAs a ‘bukake convention’) and, with Pregnant, this martyr of movie-making offers the cinema this advice: ‘Get ready to rob and steal, just get your ass up and start creating you lazy bastards!!!’.

Federico’s arrogance and rapaciousness combined create a dangerous sense of unpredictability but his passion is infectious and his impatient revolutionary notions are somewhat sentimental and fantastical, revealing a child-like vulnerability. ‘When is the 21st century going to become a celebration of new culture and ideas,’ he wonders, ‘I want a coup d’etat, for young creative’s to rise up, I wanna see heads rolling’. Hence his manifesto, Pink8, whose first message is ‘film school is poison!’.

Pregnant is about how a lack of rituals and initiation in today’s society has created an army of Kidults, forever glued to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such. ‘I’ve seen groups of teenagers just staring. Staring at a screen like zombies. Social media is a digital pacifier for an entire generation’. Federico fetishizes the punk mentality, imagining a time when this kind of social behaviour would have led to ‘more riots’ and where extrasensory perception, shamanism and hallucinations are acknowledged alongside physical experiences.

The Pink8 manifesto is intended to bring back the Punk DIY energy and, as you might expect, his audiences aren’t usually found in mainstream cinemas or public establishments. ‘It’s more fun showing the movie at trippy freakouts, that’s the movies natural habitat. Cinemas are boring’.

A brief enquiry into Federico’s life with movies would reveal that the first movie he fell in love with was Gremlins, ‘then The Last Movie by Dennis Hopper changed my goddamn life, the Libertines too… I cant survive without film and music’.

As far as his career goes, Federico is not concerned by commercial success. Instead he savours the film-making process, likening it to an improvised love affair - spontaneous, uncertain, non-linear but passionate – and in love as well as movies, isn’t it better to be a spectacular failure than a benign success?

Check out the teaser trailer of Pregnant below and marvel at its heady mix of extrasensory perception, shamanism, religious cults and hallucinatory intensity.


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