It’s in my DNA: OK Go to release new album as DNA

OK Go to release new album as DNA

‘Hungry Ghosts’ will be available as genetic code.

Later this year, power-pop four piece OK Go plan to release their new album ‘Hungry Ghosts’ as DNA. Frontman Damian Kulash has been working with Sri Kosuri, a biochemist at U.C.L.A, to establish a fresh and exciting way to release his band’s music and, after discovering Kosuri had successfully converted a book into DNA in 2012, he decided to take a similar route with the new album.

‘Hungry Ghosts’ was released last month on CD, vinyl and digital download, following a PledgeMusic campaign. With this new project, the idea is fans would receive not a single, solid copy of the record, but a small vial of water droplets with a few nanograms of DNA containing around a hundred thousand copies.

However, to retrieve the songs, fans would need an electrophoresis machine and a Bio-Rad Molecular Imager. “Obviously it’s an artistic gesture and a scientific project, not the most efficient way to actually buy our album,” Kulash told The New Yorker.

Last month, the band released ‘I Won’t Let You Down’, their second single from the new album. Filmed in one take, using a motorised drone camera, the video sees the four piece perform a dance routine using Honda UNI-CUBs, coloured umbrellas and thousands of extras.

Next year, they will embark on a tour covering Russia, Europe, Japan, North America and Canada.

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