Listen: Happyness share new version of ‘Jelly Boy (Jesus, Baby)’

Happyness share new version of ‘Jelly Boy (Jesus, Baby)’

Band top off 2014 with Art Is Hard’s latest Pizza Club release.

The latest Art is Hard Pizza Club release comes in the shape of a new Happyness song, the band concluding 2014 with a new version of ‘Jelly Boy (Jesus, Baby)’.

Originally, the track forms part of the trio’s debut album ‘Weird Little Birthday’, which came out this past summer. Second time round, their edit provides something with even greater spark, a driven, fuzz-embellised fairground ride round angst-ridden bliss.

The track’s streaming below, it’s also a free download. From 1PM today (11th November), Art Is Hard will be selling just three Happyness 5” CD-R’s, delivered in a pizza box. Such is Christmas tradition.

Listen below.

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