Yeah Yeah Not Yet: Yeah Yeah Yeahs are “on a bit of a hiatus,” says Karen O

Singer confirms the band have yet to start on a follow-up to ‘Mosquito’.

Karen O has claimed that her band Yeah Yeah Yeahs are “on a bit of a hiatus,” with no immediately foreseeable plans to write new material and a follow-up to ‘Mosquito’.

Following the release of her first solo album ‘Crush Songs’ - material stemming from back in 2007 - she told NME that the group have yet to get back to the drawing board for a new LP. “We’re on a bit of hiatus at the moment, so nothing yet. We have to wait to get the urge, get that itch. The time needs to be right and we’re OK waiting for that, I think.”

She added that it’ll be a case of when, not if the band get back together. “It’ll be like muscle memory, this unspoken thing between the three of us where it all just… locks in.”

Speaking further about the release of ‘Crush Songs’, Karen O claimed that she was reluctant to release the record, at time. “Even when the whole thing was a done deal, like two weeks before the record came out, I was having second thoughts, like, ‘No! What am I doing?! Is it too late to put the brakes on?!’ It’s a big thing to bare yourself to the world on your own […] It just took a while to commit to the idea of sharing something so personal.”

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