New music guide: The Neu Bulletin (14th January 2014)

The Neu Bulletin (14th January 2014)

DIY recommends new music from Fake Laugh, Codist and Sunboy.

The Neu Bulletin is a daily update of the most exciting new things DIY’s listening to. Some of the music you’ll like, some of it you won’t. Think of it as a stream of recommendations that every so often pops up something spectacular. Most of these are Bandcamp finds, big ups from readers or cheeky submissions that pop out of the inbox.

Every day we offer up a choice show, a song of the day (branched under the understated heading “Big Neu Thing”) and a little something extra that’s caught our attention. Check back here every day for your latest Neu Bulletin delivery and follow our ‘Listen’-tag for everything new music related.

Fake Laugh, Helsinki, Doe

Kamran Khan’s Fake Laugh continues to be one of new music’s most instant fixes, a charming project barely into its baby steps. Tonight he’s joined by Helsinki and Doe for a special Fake Panda showcase at the Sebright Arms.

Sunboy - ABCDNA

Try and resist Sunboy, a band so steeped in Aussie psych and Britpop references that it’s a bit bonkers that they hail from Colorado. Their cocksure new video for ‘ABCDNA’ is a little bit Flight of the Conchords, given its bravado, but packed beneath is one hell of a track, the surest sign yet that these two are onto something.

Codist - Automobiles

Glasgow’s Codist are raised on pop punk staples and enough present day angst to rinse out any needless nostalgia with something firmly relevant. New song ‘Automobiles’ is a grizzly, rough-edged bout of drama, rushing by at a breakneck speed that’s otherwise best evidenced in a band like Cloud Nothings.

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