Interview Victor Webster discusses Continuum

Season Three has reached the UK.

Science-fiction is notably one of the most challenging yet rewarding genres on television. Shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who have fan bases who have stuck around for decades, yet a show like Firefly can get cancelled after only one season despite coming from Joss Whedon. Continuum has been lucky in that it may not have been a run-away ratings success but it has performed solidly, picked up many dedicated fans along the way, and been rewarded by getting a fourth and final season to wrap up the story properly.

Of course in the UK we’re a little bit behind, with the US actually getting the third season last April, but it’s finally arriving on Wednesday January 28th on SyFy. If you’ve managed to be good and not obtain the show somehow, it’s been a long wait but one that is worth it. Continuum is a show that gets better with every season, delivering a smart and addictive storyline with some great acting.

DIY caught up with one of the main cast, Victor Webster who plays Detective Carlos Fonnegra to learn all about the third season and beyond.

We’ve waited a long time for Season Three to appear on our screens here in the UK. Can you remind us where Carlos is at when this season starts?

Well at the end of Season Two he’s really left not knowing what’s going on. He’s seen and learnt about things he never thought possible. We’re taken a step further in Season Three and he’s really thrown into an internal typhoon. He’s not sure what to do with his own emotions. Without spoiling it, he’s got a lot to deal with!

You and Rachel Nichols work very closely together as Carlos and Kiera develop a partnership and friendship over the years. How has the dynamic changed since the beginning of the show?

I’d say the dynamic goes a lot deeper. It’s strained and pushed and pulled in every direction. Rachel is absolutely fantastic. Both of us understand so much more as we go on and we’re given new emotional arcs.

With that understanding of the characters, do you get any input yourself or go along with the writers’ decisions?

The writers do know what they’re doing but it’s an open door policy. We’re all encouraged to comment. Rachel and myself only know per script while the writers will know per arc, so some things may not make sense to us at the time. I prefer not knowing because then I can play it as it comes, rather than based on future knowledge.

The show has a very loyal fan base in a challenging genre. What do you think makes the show so popular with the fans?

I think social media has helped a lot, especially Twitter. It’s a good way to get immediate interaction with the fans. You know if they like it, but they’re definitely not shy if they don’t like it either! It’s quite easy to be strong and bold behind anonymous comments.

While input is valued, we’ve usually already shot everything so it’s not like we can change things immediately. One of the interesting things we did was let the fans choose Carlos’ direction with alternative endings so that was something special we offered that many shows wouldn’t. It was a nice reward for everyone.

What are the challenges of working in the sci-fi genre?

Sometimes the subject matter can be difficult and Season Three goes really deep into the aspects of time travel. You just have to take it as it comes really and again trust the writers and the journey they have mapped out. It's a very intelligent and emotional show. The fans are smart. It's not just a show you can dip in and out of, and there are many little hidden things that make it a show worth re-watching.

As a big fan of Mutant X, I still see a lot of people discussing it online. Do you think it was a show ahead of its time before the big comic book boom?

I got really lucky with Mutant X. I actually just did a comic show in Australia and it's always interesting to hear the feedback. It's such a gratifying experience. You're always surprised at how it's still seen worldwide. I remember getting ready at 4:30am recently and catching it on TV! There's certainly something about the show that keeps people watching it even now.

With Continuum being renewed for a fourth and final season, have you thought about what projects or genres you'd like to work with after?

I really like the aspect of working in different things in my career. I love fantasy and sci-fi myself so it's enjoyable to have roles in those genres. My inner child gets satisfied! I'd love to continue with action comedy movies like my recent role in The Scorpion King 4. I'd definitely do more sci-fi for the loyalty of the fans. A mixture of all of that would be great.

Do you have any interest in perhaps stepping behind the camera?

I love taking pictures. That's something I've always had a passion for, so I guess a logical step for me would be to direct. I think I'd be able to bring something good visually to a project, whatever that may be.

You've appeared in everything from Sex And The City to Charmed and Castle. What's your favourite show been to work on?

I have to say Continuum. It's genuinely the best show I've ever worked on. We're really like family. There's no divas and everyone is so welcoming. Even Vancouver is, and so beautiful as well. It's very sad that it's all coming to an end, and there's certainly a tear in my eye about it. I'm just glad we get to deliver a proper ending to the fans.

If you could write your own ending to the show, what would it be?

Well I always have thoughts swirling around my head and then their ideas are always better. So we're best leaving it to them! I'm sure the creator is coming back to direct which is great for him to be in control of what he's written. It will be a fantastic ending I'm sure.

Continuum Season 3 starts on Wednesday 28 January at 10pm on Syfy.


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