Report: Global Release Day to begin from Friday 10th July

All new music will be released worldwide on the same day.

The first ever global release day for music has been confirmed for Friday 10th July.

Earlier this year, the industry decided to change alternate national release dates, instead creating a worldwide date applying to all countries. The IFPI confirmed that plans would come into effect from summer 2015, and Music Week has since discovered the inaugural global release day.

Radio 1’s Official Chart has announced plans to shift its regular Sunday show to a Friday, in line with the synchronised date.

Currently, singles in the UK are released on Sundays, albums released on Mondays. In North America, albums are released on a Tuesday. The new rule was welcomed by the IFPI in February, representing 1,000 record labels worldwide.

New albums and singles will be released from 00.01 local time on Fridays.