First work: Johnny Marr details forthcoming autobiography, says he’s working on a film

Interview with 6 Music’s Matt Everitt sees him detailing his first book.

A week after announcing his autobiography, Johnny Marr has given a quick insight into what to expect.

Speaking to BBC Radio 6 Music’s Matt Everitt, the former Smiths guitarist told fans that he was aiming to “honour” the band in the release, due out in autumn 2016.

Confirming that he’s “done a few chapters, probably a third of it,” he told Everitt: “I’ve enjoyed it. It’s a lot of work - you’ve got to mind out you don’t freeze and lose your own voice. I wanted it to be my own voice. So I’m writing it, I’m not using a ghostwriter or a journalist or anything like that. I’m just relying on a really good memory.”

Marr also confirmed that he has a new album in the works, as well as “an idea for a screenplay” - he also said “I’m doing a movie,” without going into any further detail.

Asked about what might shock people when reading the book, Marr replied: “That The Smiths really liked each other. A couple of them, anyway. I want for people who like what I do, for the life story to match up with the music. I want it to be really authentic. My life story’s been really unusual. Coming from a working class family to staying up late with Keith Richards… How the hell did that happen?”

Listen to the interview here.

Johnny Marr’s ‘Playland’ album came out in 2014.