Album Review: All Time Low - Future Hearts

All Time Low - Future Hearts

They’re never going to reinvent the wheel, but there is something intensely satisfying in their sugary hooks.


Look back even just twelve months and All Time Low were in a much different position. Nice and comfortable, the Maryland four-piece were five albums in and safe in the knowledge that they could pack out decent-sized venues across the UK.

It’s the prelude to the release of the band’s sixth album that’s been curious. Upgrading from the Brixton Academies of the world might have felt natural enough, sure, yet even before their latest offering ‘Future Hearts’ landed, the band had not only managed to sell out Wembley Arena, but gave the O2 Arena a go for good measure.

Alongside their UK peers in You Me At Six, they made stops in just about every major arena in the country, and all without kicking up too much fuss. Unsurprisingly, their sixth effort has quite the act to follow. All of a sudden, All Time Low are hot property and – with all of their bets raised before the game has even begun - their new record needs to back that up.

From the epic, singalong chanting of opener ‘Satellite’, to the downtrodden radio anthem of ‘Something’s Gotta Give’, their latest album sees them taking the step up that they so often previously threatened. Whilst their older offerings saw them stand firm in the realm of their pop punk roots, songs like ‘Runaways’ and ‘Kicking & Screaming’ see the Maryland four-piece straddling the gap by refining their previous bounce and honing it into solid gold pop rock.

Granted, none of this is rocket science. They’re never going to reinvent the wheel, and there are a few moments (halfway mark ‘Missing You’ springs to mind) that feel a little too much. But there is something intensely satisfying in their sugary hooks and their handle on catchy, unadulterated melodies. A little pop does go a long way, after all.

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