Record Store Day 2015: Record shop love letter: Demob Happy, to Newcastle’s Steel Wheels Records (RIP)

DIY is asking acts to wax lyrical about their favourite vinyl hangs.

As part of this year’s Record Store Day, DIY is asking tons of bands to pay tribute to their favourite record shops. Whether it’s queuing up at 6am on 18th April with a perfectly-planned lists of ‘must haves’ or popping in every day to find a beloved rarity, everyone has a different relationship and history with their favourite shop.

Catch up with PINS’ entry to Manchester’s Piccadilly Records.

Matt Marcantonio, Demob Happy

If I wanted to go into Steel Wheels Records now, the shop I relied on for filling out my fattening teenage record box with rightfully forgotten LPs whose only hope of redemption was in three shallow criteria (it was pre-’80s, the artwork was cool and it was £1 or less), I would have to try and find the records amidst some fat fuckers’ thighs, amongst a greasy short pile carpet and behind the cutlery draws. For the record shop went the way of so many and became a god dammed Wetherspoons.

I blamed jowly red faced fat cats, I blamed soulless landlords, I blamed the youths for their lack of culture and I blamed the entire world for taking away my special place, but in truth I should have blamed myself, for not looking round the fucking corner for three years where it sat happily in its new home…

…. until 18 months ago when it closed down for real, so purchase generously.

Demob Happy’s ‘Young & Numb’ EP is out tomorrow (18th April) for Record Store Day.

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