Record Store Day 2015: Record shop love letter: PINS, to Manchester’s Piccadilly Records

DIY is asking acts to wax lyrical about their favourite vinyl hangs.

As part of this year’s Record Store Day, DIY is asking tons of bands to pay tribute to their favourite record shops. Whether it’s queuing up at 6am on 18th April with a perfectly-planned lists of ‘must haves’ or popping in every day to find a beloved rarity, everyone has a different relationship and history with their favourite shop.


Record shop love letter: PINS, to Manchester’s Piccadilly Records

“The record shop that has the most memories for me is Vibes in Bury. I would go there every week to see what they had in, I ordered the entire Hives back catalog from there - eagerly awaiting its arrival from Sweden. They also had a 99p 7” section, which is something that kickstarted my love of vinyl singles. I would always buy a few, usually by musicians I’d never heard of. They had bands playing instores every now and then too. Vibes is now closed unfortunately, but I’ll always have the music! My go to place for new music now is Piccadilly Records in Manchester. They always have stuff from local bands on the shelf too, which means my 7” collection is getting bigger and better.”

PINS’ new album ‘Wild Nights’ is released on 8th June.

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