Record Store Day 2015: Record shop love letter: The Go! Team, to Brighton’s The Record Album

DIY is asking acts to wax lyrical about their favourite vinyl hangs.

As part of this year’s Record Store Day, DIY is asking tons of bands to pay tribute to their favourite record shops. Whether it’s queuing up at 6am on 18th April with a perfectly-planned lists of ‘must haves’ or popping in every day to find a beloved rarity, everyone has a different relationship and history with their favourite shop.

Catch up with PINS’ entry to Manchester’s Piccadilly Records and Demob Happy’s tribute to Newcastle’s now-defunct Steel Wheels Records.

Ian Parton, The Go! Team:

“One of my favourite record shops is a shop called The Record Album in Brighton. As far as I know it’s the only shop in the UK that specialises in film soundtracks - wall to wall vinyl, arranged by composer. I would go in there and explain what I was looking for and George the dainty film aficionado owner would rack his brains and pull out stuff. Apparently he was robbed and set upon in the shop a few years ago so I’m amazed it’s still there. It opened in 1948! I know that I’ll be walking past one day and see it’s closed down so I guess you have to make the most of these things….”

The Go! Team will release new single ‘Ye Ye Yamaha’ for Record Store Day, 18th April.

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