Bring the noize: M.I.A shares new song ‘Platforms’

The new demo surfaced after M.I.A managed to find her Soundcloud password.

Yesterday M.I.A. tweeted that she was on the hunt for her Soundcloud password, and once she found it, she’d upload a brand new song. Evidently her hunting was successful. After teasing fans with a quick live rendition of the song on her instagram, M.I.A. has now shared ‘Platforms’ in full.

‘Platforms’ comes after M.I.A’s previous release ‘Can See Can Do,’ which she dropped back in March. There’s no news so far on the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Matangi’.

M.I.A.’s soundcloud upload has been removed, but fans have uploaded the track to Youtube. Listen to ‘Platforms’ below.


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