Report: Mad Max: Fury Road exhibition at The O2, London

Visitors to The O2 can see the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road up until 14th May.

Anyone who has been keeping tabs on Mad Max: Fury Road the past couple of days cannot have failed to notice the positive word from the first screenings of the film emerging online. Actually positive word is to do the film a disservice, reaction has been phenomenal with many lauding the practical stunt work as nothing short of mind-blowing.

With this in mind, DIY headed to The O2 in Greenwich to check out two of the vehicles from the film which are on display at the Sky Studios up until 14th May as well as the chance to take part in a Mad Max flavoured news broadcast and a fun green screen photo op. What’s more it’s all free!

First up is a fun green screen session, “joining” Nicholas Hoult and Charlize Theron as Nux and Imperator Furiosa for a photo. We’d share our picture but quite frankly no one needs to see the truly idiotic pose that seemed like a great idea at the time. Still it’s a great chance to immerse yourselves in the Mad Max universe and with the photo - and the news reading video you can also take part in - downloadable it’s yours to keep forever.

Then it’s on to the two cars that are driven by Tom Hardy’s Mad Max and Nicholas Hoult’s Nux in the film. Max’s car, the Interceptor, is battered beyond belief. The black Interceptor is a modified 1974 XB Ford Falcon Coupe with a Concorde front end, Scott SuperSlot Injector hat and belt-driven blower. It’s clearly been through the wars and looks like it’s been patched up countless times. As it’s displayed at a precarious angle we’re not allowed to sit in Hardy’s seat but we do get to wrestle with the door, which is surprisingly heavy and clunky, to have a close peek inside at the interior. The inside is as trashed as the outside and there’s even a faint whiff of diesel. It’s quite something to know that Hardy physically drove the car throughout the film and getting our sticky mitts on just the door already feels like we’ve touched cinematic history in the making.

Next up is a look at Nux’s skull adorned Nuxcar. The souped up Chevrolet 5 door coupe has a polished steel chassis fitted with a coiled V8 engine and humongous exhaust pipes. This one we’re allowed to sit inside and after clambering onboard we take the time to have a proper look around and the attention to detail is staggering. From a rather alarming looking stick shift with an eyeball on it and a creepy dolls face wearing a mask on the steering wheel there’s also a gear stick with its own set of teeth and a pedal decorated with the word “Nux” on it, presumably in case he forgets his own name. With trinkets and tools taking up the sparse space inside there’s further decoration in the form of a tasteful wind-chime made of ears. Yum.

Production Designer Colin Gibson had to make the vehicles look cool but sturdy enough to survive filming in the Namibian desert: “They had to perform, and, like any other character, had a part to play in fleshing out the story and making believable the world they inhabit. Technically, the desert terrain and climate made for logistic problems (overheating, wear on suspension, clogged aspirators, etc), but those very antagonisms added to the beauty and sheer physics of the action with swirling dust, spat sand and airborne vehicles. We design to the story and react to the reality, and each adds truth to the other. Further, we designed the design process to resemble as much as possible the HOW of the Warboys: scavenge, assemble, increase grunt, weaponize, increase grunt, add cup-holder, set off to war with v8 roar…”

With the cars looking this good and armed with knowledge that director George Miller has opted for mostly practical effects and stunts, excitement levels for the film have hit stupid proportions. Roll on 14th May.

Visitors to The O2 can see the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road up until 14th May and can take part in a green screen photo opportunity and try their hand at a being a news reader in the Sky Studios free of charge. Mad Max: Fury Road is released in UK cinemas on May 14th from Warner Bros. Entertainment UK.



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