Premiere: The Parrots share ‘To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here’

The Parrots share ‘To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here’

Debut EP ‘Weed for the Parrots’ is out this June.

Hinds are leading the way with Spain’s newly-established reign, but as DIY’s Kyle MacNeill pointed out a couple of months back, the country has a big batch of fresh faces ready to take over.

Madrid garage rockers The Parrots capture a rough-edged free spirit. They resemble The Black Lips on their grubbiest road trip, cruising the streets and looking for escape. The group have signed to UK label Luv Luv Luv for the release of their debut EP, and things get particularly dry and dusty on new song ‘To the People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here’.

A free rider, the song’s about accepting that all good things come to end, but there’s worth in celebrating every living moment while we’re here. “We have a ride to have fun,” they bark. “Take it now while you can.”

Speaking to DIY about the new song, The Parrots say: “People tend to take life for granted and don’t think too much on how they’ll be happy doing their own thing. The song is about rejecting the preconceptions we have and embracing the life you want for yourself.”

We’re premiering The Parrots’ new track below. Catch them at the following shows:

24 Manchester, Fuel Cafe
25 Leeds, Gold Sounds
26 Brighton, Green Door Store
27 London, 93 Feet East

Photo: Sergio Albert.

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