Superstars: Kim Gordon and J Mascis collaborate on new track ‘Slow Boy’

Kim Gordon and J Mascis collaborate on new track ‘Slow Boy’

The new collab appears on an upcoming compilation of artist collaborations, ‘CONS EP Vol. 3’

Dinosaur Jr. singer J Mascis and former Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon have released a new collaborative track, ‘Slow Boy’. It’s set to appear on an upcoming release filled with artist collaborations, ‘CONS EP Vol. 3’. Freddie Gibbs and Hanni El Khatib also teamed up, and shared their contribution earlier this year. More previews are expected over the next few months.

‘Slow Boy’ is a muddied, distortion splatted monster of a rock song, with the old friends veering off into experimental territory. The guitars screech and soar, and most of Kim Gordon’s lyrics are barely comprehensible, occasional phrases like “I’ve been waiting for you, Slow Boy,” emerging menacingly from J Mascis’ abrasive, rough-edged guitars.

Listen to Kim Gordon and J Mascis’ new collaboration below.

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