Album Review Lucy Rose - Work It Out

Lucy Rose - Work It Out

A brilliantly fun pop record.


While Lucy Rose’s debut showcased her ability as a potential-filled songwriter, it’s on Rose’s second record that she truly steps out and forges ahead with something quietly inventive, and, to be frank, far bolder. Lucy Rose has openly admitted that radio favourite ‘Our Eyes’ in particular took her outside of her comfort zone, but really, the sparse bass-lines, and unpredictable melodies she’s carved out fit her writing like a memory-foam mattress. ‘Till The End’ swerves off into new territory, too, and Rose’s voice unexpectedly finds its context in big, bolshy beats.

Consistently, across the whole of ‘Work It Out’, Lucy Rose is pushing herself, exploring new sonic possibilities, and experimenting with influences well outside of her folky roots. The pay-off? She’s stepped out on the trail alone, left her tag-line of ‘Bombay Bicycle Club backing singer’ well behind, and she’s written a brilliantly fun pop record in the process.


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