Listen: Listen to Youth Lagoon’s ‘The Knower’ single

Golden vinyl was distributed to record shops this week.

Yesterday (10th July), Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon distributed his new single, ‘The Knower’, to a select number of record shops worldwide. Fans have already discovered a URL on the gold vinyl - pointing to a website confirming new album ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’ - and now the A-side of ‘The Knower’ has been uploaded online.

Streaming below, ‘The Knower’ is a horn-backed, experimental slant on pop, a thousand miles away from 2013’s ‘Wondrous Bughouse’. It has Powers singing, “everybody wants to think that their luck will change, when there’s no such thing.” The new album is set to be given a release date and tracklist very soon.

Listen to Youth Lagoon’s ‘The Knower’ below.

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