Live Review The Districts cast a spell on Latitude 2015

Philadelphia favourites give the surest sign yet of their potential.

The Districts just opened for The Rolling Stones in the States, but they’re still plugging away at converting a UK crowd. This time last year, their name was spilling out from home state Philadelphia, word spreading about their hyperactive, captivating live show. It’s like a chinese whisper, and even after the release of debut album ‘A Flourish and a Spoil’, there’s a trickle-down effect for winning over a loyal following over here.

Today’s mid-afternoon set on the BBC Radio 6 Music stage is the surest sign yet that it’s working. Kids scream from the front, hundreds clap their hands at any willing moment, even when Rob Grote and co. shun singalongs for shoegazing guitar sections or atmospheric detours.

At first, these giant, skyscraping mid-sections seem like filler, but The Districts have a knack for making the gigantic sour back down to Earth. They do it time and time again across a 45-minute set, and when things kick into gear, they master direct, punchy delivery like the kind of live favourites they’ve been built out to be. Grote has an earnestness that doesn’t put him too far from Mumford & Sons, but when they get heavy with the experimental guitar work, they’re up there with Tame Impala in the psych stakes. ‘Peaches’ is an emotional cruncher, ‘4th & Roebling’ getting the best response of the day. ‘Young Blood’ - an earth-shaking eight minute number on record - sounds gigantic in this space. If they keep on doing this, bit-by-bit The Districts will find thousands flocking their way.

The Districts cast a spell on Latitude 2015 The Districts cast a spell on Latitude 2015 The Districts cast a spell on Latitude 2015

Photos: Carolina Faruolo / DIY

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