Watch: Unknown Mortal Orchestra get freaky with ‘Ur Life One Night’ video

Ruban Nielson and co. merge cartoons with a trippy odyssey.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have tapped into their psychedelic side with a new video for ‘Ur Life One Night’.

Containing tiger costumes, traditional Asian imagery, cartoons and old-school CGI, it’s a wild adventure through cultures and mythologies, telling the story of Ruban Nielson’s very own ‘Multi-Love’ tale, in a completely different form.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Nielson says: “I was really obsessed with working with a director in India because it seemed crazy that they have the biggest film industry in the world and yet I’d never made a video there.”

Director Manoj Leonel Jahson says he was “deeply inspired by the quirky Indian magical-realism from our mythology and wanted to create something rooted, but still visually appealing.”


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