Lissten: Liss share debut track Try

Liss share debut track ‘Try’

The Danish teenagers’ debut single was overseen by The xx’s producer Rodaidh McDonald.

Liss are a teenage Danish quartet who have today shared their debut track ‘Try’. The upcoming single is out on 2nd October on Copenhagen-based label Escho (who have released work from Iceage and Lower) was produced by Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, OKAY KAYA) and fellow Dane, Vera.

Speaking to The FADER, lead singer Søren Holm explained that ‘Try’ was the first track the quartet wrote together: “We were in different bands at the time, sharing a rehearsal space, so it was kind of a weird coincidence that we all were there in the rehearsal room that day.”

Listen to ’Try’ and check out its trippy accompanying video below.

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