Busy remixin’: Jungle remix Dornik’s ‘Stand In Your Line

Jungle remix Dornik’s ‘Stand In Your Line’

A large slab of soul is added to the R&B hit.

Jungle have taken a brief step back from working on their second album to give Dornik’s recent hit ‘Stand In Your Line’ a soulful rework.

The band’s distinctive grooves, established on their stunningly successful debut album, seep their way into the track, which they fully take control of and put a stamp on.

Jungle are almost at the end of their brutal 18 month tour for their debut album, and speaking of entering the studio to work on new material, Tom McFarland simply said: “The only thing we want to do is make it a better album than the last time”.

The band are curating and headlining a one-off show at Manchester’s Warehouse Project on 18th December, and are inviting along LA Priest, John Talabot, Koreless and more for the evening.

Listen to the band’s remix of ‘Stand In Your Line’ below.

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