Details: Julia Holter talks about “frustrating” process behind new album ‘Have You In My Wilderness’

​Julia Holter talks about "frustrating" process behind new album 'Have You In My Wilderness'

“This record was this troubled child,” she says in a new interview. “It was so hard.”

In a new interview Julia Holter has spoken about the difficulties in making new album ‘Have You In My Wilderness’. Calling the process “frustrating,” she said she had to record songs many times.

Talking to Stereogum, Holter said “the process for conceiving of it — sort of poetically or whatever — was very different, because it was a bunch of different songs that aren’t really related. These songs were not hard to make initially, but then I had to develop them, and that was really the hard part.. It took a really long time. We had to record many times. It was frustrating. The last one was so easy to make, in a way, and this record was this troubled child. It was so hard.”

“Finally it worked out after a lot of recording and trial and error,” she added. “It was hard, but I’m really happy now.”

Listen to Julia Holter’s ‘Feel You’ from new album ‘Have You In My Wilderness’ below. It’s out on 25th September via Domino.

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